Bespoke & Custom Wallpaper Murals

All of our wall murals are made-to-measure your exact wall dimensions (with 3cm added to every edge for trimming). This ensures the design is framed nicely provide the best effect on your wall. The bespoke framing of the design sets our product apart from 'off-the-shelf' murals which often fail to show off the true potential of the design.

Custom Colours & Colour Matching

Custom Colour Example Options

Most of our designs colours can be altered to meet your exact needs. Look out for our colour palettes in the product photos. We are not limited to these colour palettes, however we find these are a useful starting point in most cases.

If you have a specific colour in mind you can send us details and we will use that colour. You can also request a free digital proof to preview the design in your chosen colour before ordering.

We can also colour match to paint colours which are available online, just let us know what paint you are ordering and we will match it. As all paint dries slightly different, we cannot guarantee this will be an absolutely perfect match, but it will be very close.

Designs where this is not available are photographic murals, where we can change the colouring but only to similar colours to what is already featured. This is our choice, to make sure we retain the natural look of the photograph and therefore make your mural look the best it possibly can. If we think the design will look unnatural we will send you a proof so you can check this is what you have envisaged.

Custom Designs

Custom Design Wall Murals from

If you cannot find the perfect design on the website, we can print anything you provide. Please be aware that we cannot print copyrighted images unless you have (or buy) a personal license for this image, or we can source a commercial license for it which will incur extra costs.

Provided images need to be high resolution to enable us to prepare the image for print. A rough guide for this is for the image to be at least 3,000 pixels wide to enable scaling up to the size of a wall. This can vary due to the quality and content of the image, however if you are unsure we can advise whether an image is suitable for scaling. We will also send you a proof to show what your personalised wallpaper will look like scaled up to the size of your wall.

Artwork including drawings and paintings can be scanned on special request. We have the capacity to scan up to A3 size in one scan, or more with stitching multiple. Scanned artwork is captured at super-high resolution and will capture paper/canvas texture in stunning detail.

We are also able to make custom designs for you, just get in touch and let us know what you are after!