Pearlcore Wallpaper & Wall Mural

Pearls have always been a classic fashion trend, however in recent times they are making a huge comeback in fashion with the rise of 'Pearlcore'. Now making it's way into interior design, there are many ways to create a perfect pearlcore paradise. This collection is a blend of designs which compliment pearls, and also designs which are inherently pearlcore themselves. Working well with minimal monochrome colour palettes, this design trend helps to create chic and sophisticated living spaces.

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More About Pearlcore Wallpaper & Wall Mural

Pearls are the oldest gemstone, and they have been traced back to Chinese royalty in 2300BC. In more modern times, pearls have become a staple of high-end fashion and have inspired some of the most iconic looks. From Coco Chanel's portrait in the 1930s, to Audrey Hepburn in the 60s, the pearl has had a centrepiece on all of the most fashionable stages.

In 2018, pearls once again began to appear in lines from renowned fashion designers. Here began the rise of pearlcore as a new trend, and now this trend is spilling over into interior design. Be a part of the hottest new look with our fabulous pearlcore wallpaper!

What types of pearlcore wallpaper can I choose from?

You can choose between:

  • Traditional wallpaper: Paste-the-wall, super-matte, FSC approved, PVC-free
  • Removable wallpaper: Peel & Stick, mess-free installation, super-matte finish, FSC approved, PVC-free
  • Heavy-grade wallpaper: Paste-the-wall, extra-durable, water-resistant textured vinyl coating
  • Removable vinyl: Peel & stick, waterproof & durable, works on lightly textured walls, crystal matte finish