Ombré Wallpaper Murals

Let's Get It Ombré

The hottest new interior design trend! We have been championing ombré wallpaper for a while, and always loved the effect. Check out some of our finest designs below!

Blue Watercolour Sky Ombré Aritchee Wallpaper Mural with White Chair Aritchee
Glinda Pastel Rainbow Gradient Wallpaper Mural with White Chair Glinda
Teal to Pink Colour Gradient Compto with White Chair Compto
Scandinavian Blue Ombre Watercolour Ombre Wallpaper Mural by Cerulean
Mermaid Gradient - Purple and Blue Ombre Wallpaper Mural Mermaid
Misty sunset gradient ombre wallpaper mural by Misty
Homates wallpaper mural with a chair in front | Homates
Bleu - Blue Watercolour Tie-Dye Wallpaper Mural Bleu
New York Pink wallpaper mural with a pink chair  | New
Green and Blue Ombre Gradient Wall Mural by Breezy
Twilight Sky Ombre Wallpaper in room with white chair Twilight
Sunrise Gradient with Yellow Chair Sunrise
Blush Gradient - Pink Ombre Wallpaper Mural Blush
Sterling Grey Scandinavian Watercolour Wallpaper Mural with Rattan Chair Sterling
Iridescent Rainbow Dreams - Chromatic Pastel Colourful Wallpaper Mural Iridescent
Abut Dreamy White Chair Abut
Sepia serenity heights wallpaper in living room with wooden chair in front of the wallpaper Sepia
Celestine Teal No Arm Eames Angle Celestine
Scallops Stormy Wallpaper Mural with Grey Chair Scallops
Scallops Snowy Wallpaper Mural with White Chair Scallops
Scallops Pinky Wallpaper Mural with Green Chair Scallops
Scallops Rainy Wallpaper Mural with White Chair Scallops
Scallops Wallpaper Mural with White Chair Scallops
Gradhees Blue Brush Watercolour Effect Wallpaper Mural with Rattan Chair Gradhees
Red and yellow sunset ombre wall mural by Bright
Spacey Gradient with Yellow Chair Spacey
Grey to blue graduated colour wallpaper, our 'Cloudy Gradient' wall mural is reminiscent of an idealised sky.. Cloudy
Stormy Gradient with Green Chair Stormy
Forest Gradient - Green Ombre Gradient Wallpaper Mural Forest
Dusky Gradient Pink to Grey Ombre Wallpaper Mural with White Chair Dusky

Bespoke Handcrafted Mural Wallpapers

Our extensive range of wallpaper mural designs are lovingly curated for your home. Hand made to the exact dimensions of your wall, our high quality product will provide maximum impact in your space. Shop by style or shop by room to find your perfect feature wall quickly and easily. For some inspiration, the 'best-sellers' wallpaper collection is the first place to look!

  • Perfect Fit

    Our murals are custom made to fit your wall. We even add a little extra as a margin of error - all included in the price.

  • Premium Materials

    All of our wallpaper materials undergo rigorous testing to make sure your wallpaper is nothing short of perfect.

  • Eco Conscious

    All of our wallpaper materials come from FSC-approved sources. We use environmentally-friendly packaging and even plant a tree for every order!

  • Fully Guaranteed

    Each mural is guaranteed, and anything you receive that does not meet these expectations will be replaced free of charge.

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Why Our Wallpaper Murals?

Our removable self-adhesive wallpaper has changed the industry as we know it, making wallpapering easy, effortless and mess free! Our self-adhesive wallpaper uses luscious, PVC-free, non-shrink textured paper with great colour depth, making for a luxurious feel.

All our wallpaper murals are split into 48cm wide drops which will allow for an easy installation for DIY lovers and decorators alike. For handy tips on making your installation go smoothly, visit our installation guide. This goes for our removable self-adhesive wallpaper, our paste-the wall materials such as the traditional and heavy-grade wallpapers.

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