Bespoke Handcrafted Mural Wallpapers

Our extensive range of wallpaper mural designs are lovingly curated for your home. Hand made to the exact dimensions of your wall, our high quality product will provide maximum impact in your space. Shop by style or shop by room to find your perfect feature wall quickly and easily. For some inspiration, the 'best-sellers' wallpaper collection is the first place to look!

Why Our Wall Murals?

Our removable self-adhesive wallpaper has changed the industry as we know it, making wallpapering easy, effortless and mess free! Our self-adhesive wallpaper uses luscious, PVC-free, non-shrink textured paper with great colour depth, making for a luxurious feel.

All our wallpaper murals are split into 45cm wide drops which will allow for an easy installation for DIY lovers and decorators alike. For handy tips on making your installation go smoothly, visit our installation guide. This goes for our removable self-adhesive wallpaper, our removable durable vinyl and our traditional wallpaper.

  • 'Inisonies' black marble wallpaper mural in a bright trendy dining room.
  • Robyn wallpaper mural in a wedding shop
  • 'Cerulean' Blue watercolour gradient wallpaper mural in a stylish modern bedroom.
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  • featured by The Muted Home
  • Winner of 'Best Overall' removable wallpaper for 2022 with The Independent's Indy/Best
  • featured by Grillo Designs
  • featured by The Amazing Adventures of Me
  • featured by The Guardian
  • featured by Manchester Evening News
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