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A taste for the unconventional! Boho design features interesting items, usually borrowing styles from all the corners of Earth and combining them beautifully. Our stunning collection features lots of exotic leaves and natural motifs, helping you find your perfect Boho wall mural.

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  • Bespoke

    All our wall murals are fully customisable! If you are looking for a wallpaper unique to you and your home, you can leave your customisation details in the 4th step of our order process.

  • Sustainable

    Sustainability has always been at the heart of We use FSC-approved materials, VOC-free water-based inks and recyclable packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint. We even plant a tree for every order!

  • Made-to-Order

    All our wall murals are made-to-order. This not only allows full customisation, but also less waste and less energy consumption - further reducing our carbon footprint!

  • Quick Dispatch

    We aim for all our wallpaper murals to be dispatched within 2-5 working days. We also use super quick courier partners too that allow us to deliver internationally within 3 working days!

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More About Boho Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Boho, short for bohemian, as a style takes inspiration from the unconventional: travelling actors, musicians, and any who live their life out of the ordinary. Born through a revival the 'hippie' styles in the 60s, Boho interior design can make a room homely and inviting, but also interesting with many focal points.

The style is all about layering different patterns and textures, especially those that would not go together in a conventional room design. It is a very experimental style where you can get creative and add to or alter a room as you go along.

If someone says that two items you love don't 'go together' - why? It's Boho! You do you.

What are Boho colours?

Typically, Boho colours are neutral shades layered with warm, earthy tones, and accentuated with muted brighter colours. You can read more about it here.

What's the difference between Boho and Bohemian?

In short, there is no difference as Boho is short for Bohemian. The term Boho, however, was coined a lot more recently than Bohemian, so the shortened version may relate to more up to date styles because of this.

How do I make my room Boho?

Start by carefully considering the colour palette. You can use our guide on creating a Boho colour palette to start with. Next, you'll want to layer in some textures keeping everything as organic and natural as possible. Don't worry about things matching, as long as there is a consistent colour palette!