Why Don't We Sell Rolls?

For wallpaper enthusiasts, this is a question that is often asked. When ordering with our process it may seem different at first, but we are confident that our process is easier and less wasteful than old repeat-pattern rolls.

Our wallpaper is sold in pre-matched panels made to your dimensions, rather than in rolls, for the following reasons:

To Make Murals and Large-Repeats Possible

This is the main reason to not sell our designs in rolls. Bespoke printing every wallpaper order enables us to produce full-wall murals with no repeating pattern, or very large pattern scales. We love the look of large patterns and murals, and this would be impossible with old-style rolls. 

Pay For Less Waste, Create Less Emissions

Our manufacturing process is a lot less wasteful than pattern matching rolls, which helps your pocket and our environment. Because the design is printed to match, you don't have to waste the top of every panel.

Easier To Order, Easier To Install

You do not need to calculate how many rolls are needed for the job, simply enter your wall dimensions on our website and we will produce to these measurements (plus a little to trim).

Greater Customisation Possibilities

As every order is custom printed to your dimensions, we are able to customise designs for you before printing. You choose how the design will look on your wall, and you are able to move the design around, flip the design and order in greyscale directly from the website. You can also alter the colour and content of the design by requesting a design edit from our designers.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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