The Living House Collection

The Living House Collection

We're excited to launch our first collab with the guys over at The Living House. 

The Living House is a trio of interior designers: Catherine, Sophie and Becky who came together to create The Living House. With the mission to change the perception of interior design, to make it accessible for everyone, with any budget. Collaborating with clients to create designs to suit their individual style of living and making it fun along the way.  You can find out more information about The Living House here

The collection consists of 9 designs with 3 brand new designs. 


We love the large-scale leaves of this tropical design. We opted for a softer colour palette that still gives the wow factor. Becky would look great behind a dark green sofa to bring a real feature to your living room. The light background keeps it fresh and airy.

You can view Becky Here


We love Sophie for its soft gentle colours and delicate leafy design. The botanical theme has gentle curves and pastel tones to give a calm feel to the room. This mural would look equally great in a bedroom or in a beautiful nursery.

You can view Sophie Here


The bold botanical pattern of Catherine has a muted, sophisticated feel that would work in many different rooms. Use this mural with a neutral colour palette to really bring your room to life!

You can view Catherine Here 

Check out the whole The Living House Collection Here. And check out there blog on how to incorporate murals into your home here.

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