Diated Wall Mural

March 2021- New Design Showcase

Spring has sprung! After a long and grey Winter, now is a good time for a refresh. Why not give your walls a makeover with some of our new designs, perfect for the new season. Here are our top 5 for this month.



Cognole Wall Mural


We can't go on holiday right now, but you can bring the Tropics to your home with Cognole. Featuring exotic birds, pink flowers and tropical leaves, this print is a perfect backdrop for relaxing, maybe with a homemade Pina Colada!



Tua Wall Mural


Florals for Spring might not be ground-breaking, but we think Tua is an excellent addition to any room this month. With watercolour leaves and flowers in pastel shades, this would work as a feature wall in a neutral coloured dining room or kitchen.



Whision Wall Mural


If bright colours aren't your thing, you may want to consider Whision as the focal point for your room. Grey swirls against a white background provide an understated look, working well in bedrooms and living rooms.



Trocto Wall Mural


Who says kid's wallpaper isn't stylish? Trocto is a great look for any child's room, with lemurs, monkeys, sloths and a cheetah hiding in the trees. Your little monkey is sure to feel right at home!



Diated Wall Mural


Ah Paris, je t'aime! If you're missing exploring the city streets like us, this photo mural might help with your Wanderlust. Featuring Paris' most famous landmark, The Eiffel Tower, Diated would look great in a kitchen/dining room.




Wow, we feel like we've been around the world and back with these designs. These wallpapers and all of our others are made to measure by our lovely team, providing you the perfect look, no matter the size of your room. And remember, you can contact us at any time here, we're always excited to hear from our customers! And stay up to date by checking the 'New Arrivals' section!

Ciao for now, WM.com x


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