Burma Large Scale Monochrome Palm Leaf Wallpaper in Scandi Living Area

How to use leaf wallpaper in any style interior

Leaf wallpaper is a great way to add a touch of nature and the outdoors to any interior design. Long have botanical elements been popular in wallpaper, but more modern designs ditch the flowers and focus on the leaves. These can be subtle, bold or anything in between! There are plenty of designs that will work in any style of home.

First of all, here are 3 interior design tips to help you get off to a good start when considering your wallpaper.

Consider the size of the leaves - too small and the pattern will look very repetitive and complicated to the eye. This can make your eye not settle when you are in a room, and consequently it will not be a nice environment.

Consider the colour palette used - it needs to be in-keeping with your interior style. This doesn't mean it has to match, it can also be a contrasting feature, but it needs to work with the style and be referenced elsewhere in the space.

Consider the lighting in the room. You shouldn't go for a dark leafy wallpaper if there is not much natural light. This is especially true for small spaces. One good rule is to think about if you would paint a wall in a dark shade, then you should be ok with a dark wallpaper!

We've picked out some popular interior styles to showcase how leaf wallpaper can shine in any interior style.

Scandi Interiors

Scandi design is all about clean lines, neutral tones and natural materials. This makes leafy shapes perfectly fit in when used in a pared-back palette. A light leaf pattern on a pale backdrop can give just the right amount of texture and interest to a room. Darker shades of green can be added as accents throughout the space for an understated but sophisticated look.

Monochrome Leaf Wallpaper Mural in a Scandi Living Space

This example is a great use of a monochrome wallpaper in what is already a fairly busy space. It is a monochrome large scale leaf design called Burma. With an orange pop colour already in situ, and a careful palette of greys and dark wood, there isn't much room for a colour statement. This makes the monochrome palm leaves work really well, and with the paper having thin lines and mostly white, it doesn't darken the space at all.

Maximalist Interiors

On the other hand, maximalist interiors embrace colours and patterns in abundance - this is where leaf wallpaper can really show its crazy side! Bright and bold tropical patterns are perfect for this, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a maximalist interior with leaf wall murals. To really embrace this look, choose busy designs with multiple colours and textures to create an eye-catching statement in any room.

 Septets Bright Turquoise Floral Leaf Wallpaper

Boho Interiors

Finally, boho styles of interior design often incorporate soft textures and natural elements for that signature room feel. Leaf wallpaper is the perfect way to achieve this relaxed look. Look for muted greens and soft shades to create a subtle yet textured backdrop that will add interest without overpowering the room’s aesthetic.

Finding those perfect colours to fit in with your palette can be difficult, especially with Boho interiors where the palette is so important. Luckily, we have a top tip for that too: you can customise all the colours on the wallpaper at Peel & Paper!

Neutral Delicate Leaf Wallpaper - Carina by WallpaperMural

For maximum effect, try combining different shapes and sizes of leaf mural panels - from large scale botanicals, to ivy trails and everything in between. Delicacy is the key here - nothing too repetitive or bold!

So regardless of the style of interior design you’re going for, leaf wallpaper can be a great addition to your home decor.Follow the link to find a great variety of leaf wallpapers and find your perfect wallpaper.

Bring the outside in with some stunning leaf wall art, and you can now match the style perfectly to compliment your space. Happy designing!

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