7 Colour schemes and combinations for your home.

7 Colour schemes and combinations for your home.

When it comes to picking a colour scheme for your home the initial task may seem daunting, we want to be able to create a room in which we are comfortable and be our most relaxed selves. Choosing your colour scheme is just the beginning of your interiors but let's try and make it easier for you! 

Look at your wardrobe what colours are you primarily looking at? Blacks, Blues, Brights, Pink, Neutrals? This can be a great indicator of which colour you are most comfortable in from this we can then choose the primary palette of colours you will base your interior palette on. 

The key is to build a harmonious colour palette in which colours balance with one and another out and the colour wheel can aid in this decision. When palette building there are three main techniques we can look into; tonal, complementary and triadic. 

Tonal Scheme 

Grey Vintage Tropical Etching Wallpaper Mural


The tonal colour palette uses colours from the same family but varies in saturation and brightness, this scheme is easier on the eye and can help produce a soothing and relaxing effect. A tonal colour palette can be found in our design Arthur Grise

Complementary Scheme 

Leafy Orange Wallpaper Mural


This colour palette uses opposite colours upon the colour wheel to liven up a space and create contrast. This scheme tends to work best when you allow one colour to dominate allowing it to be the focal point of the room, with your secondary colour used in smaller amounts utilised to break up the room. A complementary colour scheme can be found in our design Folha

Triadic Scheme 

Syrily bright squiggles wall mural in a trendy kids room


Triadic uses three different colours which are equally spread around the colour wheel. This scheme gives off a richer feel with contrast and creates a harmonious look, the use of a triadic colour scheme can be found in our design Syrily.

Various colour schemes you can utilise: 

Yellow and Orange Checkerboard Design Wallpaper Mural


For a retro vintage vibe think hot pink, bright yellow and a relaxing purple to create a triadic colour scheme. Our Checkmate Sunny lends itself to this look and can create a bright and beautiful home. 


Blue Watercolour Sky Ombré Wallpaper Mural


Looking for something more relaxing? Team blues white, neutrals think ocean seas and white crisp linens to make a harmonised tonal scheme. Aritchee can help create a feeling of being at sea without the overwhelming look. 


Gold Art Deco Vintage Wallpaper Mural


For a luxe look team Golds with whites and earthy browns, Gold Art Deco can be a perfect centrepiece for this look to reminisce the art deco scene. 


Black & White Abstract Face Line Art Wall Mural


Love a bit of nude? Go for a neutral colour scheme; Beige, white and stone colours work well. Robyn focuses on the female form in a modern line art style creating the perfect minimal piece. 


Green Tropical Wall Mural


Want to feel more connected to nature? Try a biophilic design, Botanical beauty is the perfect mixture of green tones and neutrals teamed with other green tones to allow yourself to reconnect with nature. 

de Heem Vase of Flowers Oil Painting Wallpaper Mural


So you're feeling a bit more gothic? And you love a bit of black? Team dark colours with emerald green and a rich purple to create a high-class look, Vase of flowers works perfectly with this scheme and makes your home into an art exhibit


Pink & Red Banana Leaf Wallpaper Mural Regular


To feel cosy use a combination of warm tones such as orange, peach and beige to create a warm and inviting feeling, Banana Leaf Merah can help you on your journey toward a cosy home with its cosy colour scheme. 


After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to different colour palette for your home. Take your time measuring your room, and deciding what theme will go best for the space. 

Are you ready to have a unique and fashionable wallpaper for your home? From bold and flashy, to subtle and attractive, we have options.

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