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  • Bespoke

    All our wall mural's are customisable! If you are looking for a wallpaper unqiue to you and your home please make sure to contact us or leave you customisation details in the fourth step of our order process.

  • Sustainable

    Sustainability has always been at the heart of We use FSC approved materials, VOC free water based inks and recyclable packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint. We have plant a tree for each order!

  • Made-to-Order

    All our wall murals are made-to-order meaning we do not stock wallpaper.

    Why is this good? It means less waste and less energy consumption further reducing our carbon footprint!

  • Quick Dispatch

    We aim for all our wallpaper murals to be dispatched within 2-5 working days. We have super quick courier partners too that allow us to delivery international within 3 working days!

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More About Orange Designs

Create your own sunny delight with our beautiful orange wallpaper murals. Use as a pop colour over classic greys, or as vibrant uplift for earth tones.

Orange is a very versatile colour, and you can achieve different moods depending on the secondary colours it is paired with. Using orange as a pop of colour creates a cosy autumnal heart to the home. Whereas, using orange in conjunction with other vibrant colours can create a sunny, uplifting space with a seemingly endless natural light.

Before the 15th century, orange did not have a name in Europe, it was simply known by its constituents yellow-red. Portuguese merchants later brought the orange tree to Europe from Asia in the late 15th century, where the name was adopted. Anglo-Saxons were believed to have named the colour in the 13th century, which later returned with the arrival as the orange tree.

The colour itself was seen as a sign of wealth and high status in Middle Eastern areas. This is due to orange pigments being made from soft minerals naturally occurring in semi-precious gemstones.

Browse our wonderful orange collection and bring some brightness to your room today!