Our Wallpaper Types?

At WallpaperMural.com, we understand the importance of quality and sustainability. Our removable self-adhesive wallpaper,  traditional wallpaper, and heavy-grade wallpaper have a premium, luxurious finish with great colour depth.

Our selection of paper types have been selected to suit every situation whilst remaining affordable and sustainable. Below we have explained a bit more about our three material options to help you work out which one works best for you.

  • Premium Traditional 'paste-the-wall' wallpaper by WallpaperMural.com

    Traditional Wallpaper

    If you are looking for a long term extremely effective wallpaper to spruce up any space, our traditional wallpaper would be a fantastic option.

    • Wallpaper paste required

    • Paste the wall (more removable)

    • Great print definition and colour vibrancy

    • Non-woven, non-shrink 150gsm paper

    • PVC free

    • Suitable for both domestic and commercial projects

    • Soft matte finish

  • Removable self-adhesive peel & stick wall murals from WallpaperMural.com

    Removable Wallpaper

    Our most suitable wallpaper for DIY lovers. Simply peel away the lining paper and stick on the wall, it's that easy. Not only is it easy to put up, its easy to take down - whether it's been 2 weeks, 6 months or 5 years.

    • Self-adhesive backing allowing for easy install and removal without leaving any residue or mess

    • Printed on premium 100% real paper

    • Non-woven paper

    • PVC free

    • Suitable for both domestic and commercial projects

    • Soft matte finish

  • WallpaperMural.com green misty forest mural printed on traditional wallpaper close up on a pink background

    Heavy-Grade Wallpaper

    The choice for high-traffic areas! The surface is waterproof, wipeable and more resistant to scuffs and scrapes. A subtle texture gives a premium feel and finish.

    • Wallpaper paste required

    • Paste the wall

    • Great print definition and colour vibrancy

    • Very durable, resistant to damage

    • Wipe clean surface

    • Non-woven, non-shrink 300gsm paper

    • Suitable for both domestic and commercial projects

    • Matte texured finish

    • Vinyl coated for durability, water-resistance and colour depth

  • Removable Vinyl

    The choice for water-resistance and textured walls! Our removable vinyl is perfect for durability and water/humidity resistance. The finish is a luscious crystal-matte.

    • Peel & Stick

    • Great print definition and excellent vibrancy

    • Durable and Waterproof

    • Wipe Clean, Washable

    • Thick, Premium Vinyl

    • Phthalate-free, non-toxic

Any Questions?

We hope this handy guide has provided useful in deciding which type of wallcovering you need. When shopping for wall murals, we are aware that many stores don't offer a choice and sell vinyl-only. This is the reason we have made this guide to help you navigate the world of real paper murals and choose the right material for your wall. If there are any questions, feel free to contact us.

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