Early Beginnings

WallpaperMural was born after our founder, Max, struggled to find not only wallpaper that he liked, but also wallpaper that met his requirements. The lack of premium, sustainably produced wallpaper at an affordable price encouraged Max to begin WallpaperMural.

Our Mission

Here at WallpaperMural, we understand how difficult wallpaper can be, from choosing which design is best for your space, to installation. Therefore, we operate with a simple aim: to make the wallpaper easy and exciting.

“Design is not just what it feels like and looks like. Design is how it works”

Industry Leading Paper

Our in house, FSC-approved, removable self-adhesive wallpaper is one of kind; super easy to install, and super easy to remove with no residue.

We are the only manufacturer of self-adhesive wallpaper in the UK to use actual paper rather than PVC products.

Premium & Handcrafted

WallpaperMural aim to offer only the highest quality wallpaper. We want all orders to exceed expectations which is why, unlike competitors, we still produce our wallpaper by hand to ensure a specific level of quality is maintained. Each order is checked for imperfections to ensure that your order exceeds every expectation.

Through the whole process, from design to delivery, our team are always making sure our products are at the top of their class.

Botanical Beauty-green-tropical-wall-mural

Sustainable Design

Ensuring that we act responsibly and sustainably is a key aspect of out business. From paper, to packaging, we are always finding ways to improve our impact on the environment. You can find out more on our Environmental Policy page.

We aim to create carefully curated collections of designs to allow you to transform any space to meet your taste.