Architectural Wallpaper & Wall Murals

If you appreciate well-designed modern and classic architecture, this collection of unique and bespoke architectural wallpaper will inspire you! Featuring bold cityscapes and distinctive designs, our architectural wall murals will transform any space into a focused and sophisticated environment. Shop our range of architecture wallpaper today!

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  • Bespoke Architectural Wallpaper

    Customise your wall murals! Our wallpaper can be made unique to you and your home. Just click the 'Request Design Edit' button to send to our designers.

  • Sustainable

    Sustainability has always been at the heart of We use FSC-approved materials, VOC-free water-based inks and recyclable packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint. We even plant a tree for every order!

  • Made-to-Order

    This not only allows for full customisation, but also reduces waste and energy consumption, further decreasing our carbon footprint!

  • Quick Dispatch

    We aim for all our wallpaper murals to be dispatched within 2-5 working days. Our courier partners also allow us to deliver worldwide within three working days!

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More About Architectural Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Bringing stunning architecture indoors allows you to choose your own view! While a view of the Empire State Building or Big Ben would cost millions, our architectural murals offer you the same iconic vistas at a fraction of the price!

Architectural wallpaper captures the essence of various styles, from sleek modern city scenes to timeless classic motifs, allowing homeowners to reflect their personal taste and create a unique ambiance. 

Our versatile wallpaper collection can transform any room—be it a kitchen, office, or bedroom—with a range of captivating scenes, including iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower

All of our architectural wallpaper murals are available on a choice of 3 materials at no extra cost, and they are custom printed to your exact requirements.

Shop Architecture Wallpaper and More 

In addition to our architectural wall murals, we offer an extensive collection of other stunning designs, including photographic wallpaper, art deco wallpaper, monochrome wallpaper and more! Shop today to elevate your interior.


What types of architectural wallpaper can I choose from?

You can choose between:

  • Traditional wallpaper: Paste-the-wall, super-matte, FSC approved, PVC-free
  • Removable wallpaper: Peel & Stick, mess-free installation, super-matte finish, FSC approved, PVC-free
  • Heavy-grade wallpaper: Paste-the-wall, extra-durable, water-resistant textured vinyl coating
  • Removable vinyl: Peel & stick, waterproof & durable, works on lightly textured walls, crystal matte finish

How do I choose the right architectural wallpaper for my space?

Consider the overall design theme of your space, the colour palette, and the mood you want to create. Bold cityscapes work well in contemporary settings, while classic architectural designs can complement traditional decor.

What are the benefits of choosing architectural wall murals?

Architectural wallpaper adds visual interest and a unique touch to your space. It can serve as a focal point, create an illusion of depth, and reflect your personal style. It's also a great way to incorporate architectural elements without structural changes.