Foliage leafy abstract boho wallpaper mural with a modern black chair

7 Stunning Boho and Tropical Wallpaper Mural Ideas for 2022

Leafy greens and tropical scenes have been around for while now and we have all loved seeing them in our houses. It looks like as a design movement, Boho is only getting stronger. With the rise of Boho designs came the tropical themes, but set in a much more encyclopaedic way than just floral patterns.

Wallpaper murals are perfect for Boho styling, as the whole movement is a collection and inherently nothing is repeated. With a mural, your entire wall becomes a work of art, and can be incorporated into the style of the room rather than just being a backdrop.


1. 'Peach' Watercolour Wallpaper

Peach watercolour diamond shape wallpaper mural with a trendy wooden chair and plant

If you want to add more colour to your Boho room, then you should definitely look at this Peach watercolour diamond shape wallpaper mural. Using a natural, neutral palette that works so well with this style, the colours also perfectly contrast plants and greenery as seen above!


2. 'Arthur' Etched Palm Tree Mural

Arthur etched tropical wallpaper mural with a trendy boho rattan chair

The fabulous Arthur etched boho wallpaper mural works really well with wood and natural materials. Although a subtle piece, it has a lot of fine detail that will keep you looking at it and noticing new areas! Pair with brown leathers and vintage pieces for the ultimate Boho look!



3. 'Foliage' Leafy Wallpaper Mural

With a neutral palette and leafy themes, Foliage neutral leaf wallpaper mural is perfect for a calming Boho look. The iconic silhouette of the Monstera leaf features heavily, offset by delicious line art leaf shapes. The abstract nature of the design allows this to be an ultra modern vibe, works great with pieces of industrial furniture and clean black lines.


4. 'Anizing' Neutral Trees Mural

Anizing tropical leaves wallpaper mural with neutral tones

This neutral toned tropical leaf wallpaper mural is perfect for giving a splash of greenery without being too in-your-face. Focussing on full plants and trees at almost life size, this design uses graphic styling to keep things smooth and clean. Pairs well with splashes of colour elsewhere in the room, and real plants to mirror the themes.


5. 'Wispy' Pink Clouds Mural

Wispy Pink Sunset Clouds Wallpaper Mural
Moving to the more feminine end of the spectrum, this Wispy pink clouds wallpaper mural looks fantastic in a chic dressing room or bedroom. With a subtle pink flare, this mural works incredibly well matching a pink fabric accent through a room. Pair with light wood, pink splashes and beige fabric for a soothing environment.

6. 'Banana Leaf' Tropical Wallpaper Mural

Green Banana Leaf Tropical Boho Wallpaper Mural

The fine pen detail and sumptuous curling leaf edges make this tropical banana leaf wallpaper mural really sing. Scaled up to be a real statement, the carefully selected colours allow it to blend fabulously into a room. The mustard accents are perfect to pull out in cushions or fabrics to tie the room together!


7. 'Concure Temida' Colourful Leaf Mural

Concure temida neutral tree wallpaper mural with colour splashed
Finally, this luscious tropical design has been beautifully augmented with pink, yellow and blue trees. The Concure Temida muted tropical wallpaper mural boasts a cream background to soften your room with muted tones throughout. Pair with darker wood and gold hardware to complete the look!
You can find more Boho wallpaper murals here, or there are also more modern tropical wallpaper murals. At, our extensive range of designs cover many interior design styles. Browse through our entire catalogue to find the perfect style for your interior design journey.
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