18 Fun and Simple Living Room Design Ideas

18 Fun and Simple Living Room Design Ideas

18 Fun and Simple Living Room Design Ideas

Are you looking for fun and simple ways to spice up your living room space? Check out these 18 living room design ideas for some inspiration.

Color psychology has an impact on how we feel overall. Depending on the color you choose for your living area, it can be considered an alternative or holistic treatment

From fashion to color designs, you might wonder what the best options are when it comes to simple yet fun living room ideas. While it might seem tricky trying to pick out the right designs for your living space, there's hope. Read on to explore various different living room designs to take your room from so-so to a fashion haven. 

1. Large Rugs

When it comes to living room decor, make sure to pair a large rug with your living room wallpaper. Your best option is to choose a rug so large that it can encompass wall-to-wall designs. This is a great way to make your living space feel even bigger than it is. 

When picking out a rug, think about the high traffic in your living room. There are guests, pets, and children that can cause wear and tear to your rug.

If you're going with a bright sofa, then you might want to go with a neutral color for your rug. Whereas for neutral couches, you'll want to go with a colorful rug. For high traffic areas, consider a durable material. You can even find rugs from the Renaissance that have survived to this day! 

2. Paint Your Ceiling

One of the top fashion trends right now is painting your ceiling. You can even choose a bold color in order to add more design to your modern living room. 

3. Choose Fashionable Wallpapers

Whether you're looking for tropical wallpapers or abstract wallpapers, you have options. It's a great way to make your space feel unique and all your own. Consider adding more neutral paint borders outside of the wallpaper for a fun contrast. 

The great part about wallpaper is that it can add personality and texture to a room. This means that you can enjoy additional dimensions to your rooms. You can even consider adding wallpaper to one section in order to make that the focal point of the room. 

4. Separate Spaces

Gone are the days of just using a living room for watching television. Today, you might find that living rooms can be used for homework, home offices, movie rooms, sitting rooms, etc. 

In order to incorporate all of this, consider closing off of a part of the space for privacy. You can have what's called a wall of glazing. These can include doors in order to give each other privacy. 

5. Metallic Glamor 

From furniture to light fixtures, you can bring glamor to a room by choosing metallic. Choose different fabrics that have a shimmering finish. Another great option for your living room renovation is velvet. 

6. Wooden Flooring

Today, the oldest surviving carpet is over 2,000 years old! Carpeting is a great option if you have children. You can even choose patterns or plain colors to match children's wallpaper. 

Natural stone can have a classic design, especially if you choose marble. Engineered wood flooring is a great option when you're looking for a layered structure. This will be a stable option for humidity and varying temperatures in your area. 

7. Unique Tables

Instead of the traditional coffee table with books, decorate your coffee table with planters and pots. This works in both modern and traditional rooms alike. 

8. Go Floral

Florals are making a comeback. Don't be afraid to incorporate a floral couch into your living space. They're a great way to break up classical elements in a room. 

Pick out neutral colors for blankets to go with floral sofas. Double-sided pillows are a great option to change the theme of a room as well. 

9. Keep Your Home’s Theme in Mind

Think about where your home is located whether it's in the rugged mountains or in a coastal village. You can still bring sophistication to a coastal vibe. 

In order to keep your coastal home sophisticated, go with stunning artwork, fresh upholstery, and an organized layout. Consider rattan furniture for your coastal home. 

10. Hanging Chairs

For fun room decorations, choose a hanging chair. You can even add a modern look by choosing neutral tones in upholstery. 

When it comes to picking the right seats, think about the age of each person who will be in your home or visiting. For the elderly, you'll want to choose seating with a shallower seat depth and height. 

For lounging, look for chairs with loose back pillows. Some might come with fill options. You can also add a pillow as well. 

Height is important too. Choose taller seat heights for tall family members. Deeper seats will be more comfortable for them as well.

For those who are shorter, they won't want to feel like they're sinking into a seat. Don't pick furniture that won't match the proportion of your body. If you're shorter, it might be a better option to pick more furniture instead of larger. 

11. Go Bold

From modern to bold, you have options when it comes to your wallpaper. Don't forget to add elegant paintings over top of your abstract wallpaper too.

This is a great way to add contrasting elements within the space. In order to add more contrasts, choose antique pieces or furniture styles. 

12. Start Big

If you're not sure where to begin, start big with one item. A great option, to begin with, is a large sofa.

This will help you set the stage for the rest of the room. The sofa will also help you pick out the furniture layout of the room. Consider the fabric and color as you go forward. 

13. Choose Subtle Wallpaper

In order to add definition to your plain room, choose a subtle wallpaper. This will allow your neutral furnishings to be center stage when you choose a more subtle wallpaper. 

14. Consider Living Room Storage

Think about storage space in your living room whether that's desks, cabinets, etc. Consider pieces that have multiple functions in one. Coffee tables that have multiple drawers or shelves are an option. 

Think about where you'll place your television, books, and other items. Decorative objects will need a place too. 

Consider whether you'd like closed or open storage. While some items will look great on display, others will look better hidden. 

Homes that have children will need plenty of space to store games and toys. This is also a great way to transform a room when you're having company over. Built-in units for storage space are a great option as well. 

15. Layer Lighting

In order to create different moods in the space, consider table and floor lamps. Accent, ambient, and task lighting types need to be factored in as well. In order to highlight the best features of a room, accent lighting is a great option. 

16. Dressed up Windows

Curtains or shades in a room need to be functional and also match the decorative scheme of the room. This can include reducing glare, creating privacy, darkening the room, etc. Drapes are a great option whether you go with a lighter or lined option. 

17. Vibrant Flooring

For rooms that have neutral designs all throughout, consider having a colorful rug to bring color to the room. Whether it's carpeting, paintings, or a colorful rug is up to you. 

18. Modern Art

In order to bring bold to a neutral room, go with modern art pieces. This works great in smaller rooms as well where the only option in space is to go vertically. Consider abstract photos and colorful pillows to go along with it. 

Determine Your Budget

First, before you even begin, decide what theme you'd like for your living space. Next, determine your budget as well.

Always measure before you even buy items. Think about the different items that you'd like as far as coffee tables, bookshelves, etc. 

Exploring Different Living Room Design Ideas

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to different living room design ideas. Take your time measuring your room, and deciding what theme will go best for the space. 

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