New for 2021 - Vinyl Furniture Coverings

New for 2021 - Vinyl Furniture Coverings

A brand new product for a brand new year! We are now offering a range of vinyl furniture coverings to breathe life into tired old furniture, or simply add some spice to a flat boring surface.

Designs are printed on our heavy-duty hard-wearing and water-resistant vinyl. This material is super matte and very robust, unlike standard cheap shiny vinyl. We are proud of this product and how it feels on and off surfaces, and the adhesive is water-based so does not leave a residue.

Black & White Geometric

With heaps of art deco class and oozing sleek modernity, our B&W Geometric pattern livens up any boring surface. Clean lines add detail and texture to otherwise-flat surfaces whilst a classic black-on-white colourway ensures this design is an instant classic on any surface!


Transform any surface into a super premium marble easily with Marmo. quick and easy to apply, you will be amazed to see the transformation in a matter of minutes!

This design was one that we have been wanting to do for a while now, and as such this played an integral role in our production testing. Below are a couple of examples of the extensive testing this product went through.

Marmo Desk Covering

Marmo TV Unit Door Covering
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To view all available designs click here for restowrap vinyl furniture wraps.

As we are now closed for the holiday season, products are available to buy and will be shipped when we return on 4th January.

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